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Hi, I'm A.D. Bakke

I love to code.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, I'm a developer that writes semantic, legible, and beautifully coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Adhering to current standards, I have an eye toward future technologies on the web.

My Work

Pixeljam Lands Project Image

Pixeljam Lands

Layout Design, Development, Graphics Processing

A responsive and mobile-friendly landing page befitting a company with twenty-plus games. Together with our small team we brainstormed layouts and drew up something very similar to this full bleed layout. I coded a basic layout and received full resolution assets for the page which I edited, converted when necessary (to SVG) and animated.

With a bright and colorful graphics style this project could have easily been a heavy and slow download. Utilizing SVG and graphics optimizations (while keeping to square pixel scaling) I was able to minimize load time to benefit user experience. Graphics designed by Rich Grillotti and James Kochalka.

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Pixeljam Wordpress Blog Project Image

Pixeljam Wordpress Dev Blog

Development, Custom PHP, Blogging, SEO, Server Management

Designed by a Pixeljam artist I converted from PSD to a custom Wordpress Theme. To keep in alignment with project branding I wrote a custom PHP header that swapped out a matching background and header image based on the project category.

Originally the matching set depended upon the most current blog post, but was frozen on a single header (for the main page) once our mobile game launched and the focus was on that singular product. The effect is still seen on other category pages. Graphics designed by Rich Grillotti and Jeffrey Nielson.

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Indie Press Kit (Jekyll) Project Image

Indie Press Kit (Jekyll Based)

Design, Development

Needing a refresh on our Press Kit this design kept simplicity in mind. I wanted to have posts be easily edited with or without technical markup language skills. That is where Jekyll came in handy; coded in Ruby, Jekyll uses Markdown to generate static sites.

With the easy learning curve of Markdown editing information and adding images is a breeze for the in-company artist. This site is fully responsive featuring a tuck-away responsive in-page navigation. I designed the layout and coded it all, and received graphics and assets for the page. Graphics designed by Rich Grillotti.

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Unifire Theater Project Image

Unifire Theater

Branding, Logo, Social Media Strategy, and Website Development

This project was done for my fire performance troupe, Unifire Theater, based out of Asheville, NC. Fully responsive static site which I coded from a given design, focusing on search engine optimization for fire performance troupes.

Though for my own troupe, this was a paid project in which I designed the logo and established a style and color scheme. Through a simple social promotional strategy we were able to increase bookings over the previous year (booked via the web).

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Glorkian Warrior Wordpress Landing Page Project Image

Glorkian Wordpress Landing Page

Layout Design, Graphics Processing, Development

With graphics by James Kochalka I designed the layout of this page, developed and implemented into an existing custom Wordpress Theme I had previously created. Our team decided the best way to get people to purchase the game was to show them the video and make the purchase option our main call-to-action.

That simple concept laid out clearly what the page might look like: simplicity within the boundaries of the hand-drawn aesthetic. The game is a mobile offering so responsive layout was a must. Graphics designed by James Kochalka.

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Potatoman Forest Level Parallax Site Project Image

Potatoman Forest Level Parallax

Development, Layout Design, Graphics Processing

This was a proof of concept that turned into a single-page site for Potatoman Seeks the Troof. I began wanting to model a horizontal scrolling page based on a horizontal scrolling level in our platformer game. The team suggested that using horizontal scrolling would disallow usage of the mouse 'scroll-wheel' and so to give the illusion of horizontal scrolling horizontal movement left and right is tied to vertical scrolling.

The guys loved the concept and wanted to turn it into a page. I was given a PSD file with all the layers and I converted everything to SVG. Full height scrolling graphics were animated to scroll at different rates using Skrollr.js (a JavaScript library) to generate parallax effect in imitation of the game. Graphics designed by Rich Grillotti of Pixeljam.

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My Services

Web Development

  • HTML, CSS3
  • JavaScript, JQuery, PHP
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom Coding
  • Web Animation

Responsive Design

  • Mobile-Ready Websites
  • Work With Your Designer or Mine
  • Fluid Experience Across All Screens
  • Fast Loading for Perfect User Experience

CMS Integration

  • Wordpress, Drupal, or Other PHP CMSes
  • Site Adaptation & Integration
  • Plugin Technical Support
  • Upgrade and Server Support

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Sharing Automation
  • Tactics for Contemporary Media
  • Training and Support
  • Marketing & Copywriting

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